Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today is going better than yesterday did. Although there have been work frustrations galore. Oh well, that's life. I can deal with work frustrations--it's family and personal frustrations that get me down.

The pup (the famous "Little Girl" for which I named this blog) starts school tonight. She's a 4 month old German Shorthair Pointer. Her name is Little Girl because my hubby is stubborn. We picked her out the day she was born and visited her once a week until she was 8 1/2 weeks old when we took her home. He kept calling her the "little girl". We kept trying to get him to come up with a real name. He was stubborn so here she is with the name of Little Girl for life.
Anyway, she starts school tonight with me as her handler. I had a really good time when I did puppy school with our 10 year old German Shepherd cross. I want the pup to be well trained--hubby wants to be able to take her out into the field and have her mind. Since the kids and I are the only ones that really work with her, I'm not sure how well she will ever mind him, but she is smart so maybe she'll figure it out. Her biggest problem is that she is a puppy--sometimes she has ADHD (or whatever you call it in hyper dogs) and has the attention span of a gnat; sometimes she gets it into her head that she needs to concentrate on something (the cat or a fly, for instance) and you can't distract her.
She does "sit" and "come" pretty well. We are still working on "down" and "off". And "heel" is just starting. She has also been about a month without an accident so I'm hoping potty training is down pat.
Let's see, to change the subject--food today:
1 cup of coffee w/ soy milk
1 green smoothie
Seitan and spinach w/ veganaise on whole wheat
small bowl of butternut squash soup (leftovers from last night)
I'll probably have an apple for a snack when I go get the kids, we'll have the leftover soup for dinner, then who knows what for an evening snack.
We tend to eat dinner early--like about 5 or so on most nights so we all need an evening snack. We're almost out of fruit, but I do have some frozen strawberries so maybe we could do a smoothie. That would be good.
Well, back to work now,
Ciao for now.

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