Friday, November 14, 2008

It's finally Friday

Well, I made it through to another Friday. One of the gals at the office is leaving early this afternoon, so it will give me a chance to go do a couple of errands, too.

Puppy class went really well last night. It was just me, the pup, and the instructor. (We did a make-up class since we missed the official one on Monday.) Seems I've been teaching the pup just as I should, but once we got there and were in the arena (or whatever she calls her work area), Little Girl couldn't remember anything. "Oh boy! I'm in a new place and there are such great smells here! And if I pull hard enough on this leash, I'm sure I can get over there--cough cough!" etc. She did finally settle down and we worked on a couple of new things. When we got home, she proudly showed them off to the rest of the family as if she had been paying attention in class and working really hard--the smarty-pants little show-off.

yesterday's food:

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee w/ soy milk
green smoothie
Lunch: Seitan & spinach w/ veganaise on whole wheat
butternut squash soup
snack: apple, almond butter, and some pumpkin seeds
Dinner: butternut squash soup (yes again--we still have leftovers)
Snack: peanut butter and agave on 1 piece of whole wheat

Ciao for now.

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