Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Night

It was a pretty good weekend, I guess. Let's see if I can remember what all we did......

Friday, after son's violin lessons, we went out to Barne's and Noble. I got Ani Phyo's raw cookbook. Then we went to dinner--the waitresses at Perkins look at you really weird when you order a chicken salad, hold the chicken and the cheese.

Saturday, daughter had her trumpet lesson and then we did a lot of shopping--I think we were out of everything. We went home for lunch and to relax for a while then hit Walmart, went out to dinner, and then over to my folks. Dinner was at a Chinese place that didn't seem to know what tofu was; the waitress said they had "egg-fu". Ha-ha-ha, not. They did have a stir fried veggie dish that was good, though.

Over at my folk's house, my dad started in on meat--talking about how he was sure I like a good steak (NO) or a good hamburger (NO) etc. He was trying to get at how there were plenty of places to put feed lots and dairies that wouldn't bother people with the smells. (Well, let's see. I'm sure no one would be offended by the the amount of green-house gasses that are being farted out of each of those bovine behinds. And I'm sure no one would mind that those animals are eating so much that pounds and pounds of corn, etc. are being re-routed away from hungry people so other overfed people can have a good steak or a good hamburger or a glass of milk. No one would be offended at all.) Sorry, I've got a bit of a soap box on that.

Today, I froze pumpkin so we can eat it through the winter, I cleaned the fish tank, Hubby trimmed the trees and we all picked up limbs. That's about all.

Today's food:
Breakfast: cup of coffee w/ soy milk
smoothie out of Ani Phyo's book
Lunch: Seitan and Spinach with Veganaise on Whole Wheat
left over veggies from last night's dinner
Snack: apple
cookies and soy milk
Dinner: pasta with a curry veggie sauce

After while, I'll probably have a couple of date balls (donut holes out of Ani Phyo's book).

That's right, yesterday, I also made date balls. They are actually what Ani Phyo calls donut holes. I know my husband, though. If I made something like that and called it "donut holes", he would take one taste and decide he didn't like them because they weren't like "real" donut holes. So instead, I called them what they were--date balls--and he thinks they are great. They are sooooo good.

By the way, the cookies I had today, they were vegan except for the sugar. I would be willing to guess that the sugar would be cane sugar which would probably be filtered through bone char. I just don't know how to get around that so I just do the best I can most of the time.

Well, I had better get moving. I've got to get my daughter out of the tub so I can get kids to bed (and then get me to bed).

Ciao for now.

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