Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Night

Today's Food (all Vegan):

1 cup of coffee w/ soymilk
green smoothie
Spagetti squash w/ tomato sauce
small pb & j sandwich
1 apple
veggie mongolian BBQ
2 cookies

I also had a few little snacks. We went to the holiday craft show at the Expo Center, they had a lot of cute things, but nothing worth buying (not right now, anyway). At several of the booths, they had snacks so I had a rice cracker w/ mustard, a bite of cotton candy, a dixie cup of apple juice, and a dixie cup of spagetti w/ homemade marinara. Of course the kids and hubby had all of the snacks.

It really bothered me that they had one booth with all leathers. It even had a sign that they could do the hair as requested on custom tanning. I had to look away. It's funny that it has never bothered me before. I guess I just didn't think about it. Now, I see the animal instead of just a product.

Like I said earlier, being Friday, hubby would want to go out to dinner. We went to a mongolian BBQ place. I ordered a tofu dish and then when I went up with my daughter, I saw that they had just cleaned the grill and the only person ahead of me was her. So I found the waitress and had her cancel my order and I had the BBQ. Broccoli, cabbage, onions, carrots, mushrooms, bean sprouts, and a few noodles lightly sauteed in curry and garlic and sweet & sour sauces. It was really good. I did suggest to the waitress that it would be nice if they had tofu on the bar to be sauteed with the veggies.

While we were there, we ran in to my aunt and uncle. She had a gastric bypass a couple of years ago. And while she is looking good, I'm glad I did my weight loss my way--I hate surgery and I know she had some trouble with nausea after hers.

The puppy is going crazy-she's wanting to play and the kids are wanting to build with legos in the other room. They were at each other's throats while we were out so I'm not sure why they are playing together nicely, now. (probably because we are at home and not out)

Well anyway, ciao for now. I probably won't be logging in over the weekend. I think I really like having this log, but after being on the computer most of the week, I usually don't even turn the machine on on the weekend.

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