Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Almost Thanksgiving

It's the day before Thanksgiving and my son's birthday. I wanted to take Friday off, but had stuff that had to be done this week so I busted my tush to get it done. And I had to get some of my cooking for tomorrow done, too. So this morning, I got up early and got started. I had son's birthday cake in the oven, bread rising, and was sitting at my desk starting work by 8:30.

Well, I got it all done. I made cake, bread, and pumpkin pie today and got my work done. (I'm so proud of myself.)

Son turned 12 today. He and hubby went hunting this morning and he got his first deer--they'll eat good this winter. Daughter went over to my mom's and they made Thanksgiving decorations today. We went out for son's birthday dinner to a tepanyaki place--I had veggies. Then my folks came over and son opened presents and we had cake (vegan devil's food-recipe from and vanilla ice cream (vegan-recipe from Ani Phyo's book).

I like a green smoothie for breakfast--usually a piece of fruit, a vegetable, a small handful of almonds and ice and water. I usually use spinach or green cabbage for the veggie but I'm out of both. So yesterday I used apple, red cabbage, and almonds. It was so good! It was such a pretty shade of lavender, too.

We got our new phones, today. Mine is so cool. It does e-mail and Internet and has a GPS as well as text and phone. I need to learn how to use it better, though. I guess I'm pretty pathetic, tech-wise.

Well, tomorrow morning, I'll make the veggie soup and the sweet potato mash and then watch the parade and then off to serve lunch at the Agape center. Then we'll go over to my folks and have dinner with them.

This has been pretty rambly. I think I'll go look at some of the other blogs, now.
Ciao for now.

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