Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Tuesday

I made it through Monday--I didn't have time to post, but that's because it was a really weird day. I called hubby around 8:30 to remind him that he needed to pick up our daughter from school because I'd be at an orthodontist appointment with our son and he said he'd be home soon anyway.

It turns out that last week, his department had been doing touch up painting. They guys he works with warned him not to do too good of a job or he'd be sorry. Well, he did a good job because that's what you are supposed to do, right? And his area had too many touch ups so he had to paint the whole wall so it would look more uniform. And he couldn't paint while there were people there, so he was sent home and had to go back to work at 7:30 and paint. How's that for rewarding mediocrity? The guy who does a good job gets sent home and has to return to work from 7:30 until midnight and then has to show up the next day at 7 again. The guys who do a poor job get to continue doing a poor job.

It made me mad!

Anyway, since he was home, I took off a few hours and we went Christmas shopping form both kids and birthday shopping for my son. And then we went to lunch at a Thai place that had a really good vegan green curry on the lunch menu. Then we came home and hubby slept while I worked.

Then, I took son to his ortho appointment. They showed us a clay model of his mouth, and all the weird pictures they took, and examples of the braces and appliances he'll need, and we talked about cost (OUCH!). He starts with spacers on December third and gets his full braces on December tenth.

Then, hubby took the kids to piano and I took the puppy to puppy class. She is such a little freak! She does so good with all of the stuff at home and can't pay attention to save her life at class. The trainer says she's a typical sporting dog puppy.

When I got home, hubby was back at work and the kids had already had dinner. I got told that "Daddy didn't make us eat your leftovers, we got popcorn chicken and sandwiches". Yeah, Daddy. That's the way to keep you kids nice and healthy--feed them dead fish in chicken embryo sauce and dead poultry. I warmed up leftover curried veggies over pasta.

Although I have to admit, it was nice to finish the evening just me and the kids. I hope that's not bad to say, but sometimes, that's how it is.

My food intake yesterday was horrible! It was all vegan, but I had too many cookies and date balls. It's weird but some days, I just can't seem to get filled up. (I guess it's a fall back to my fat days.) My scale showed me up one and a half pounds from yesterday--I know I didn't eat 5,250 calories in excess of my caloric needs yesterday but I also know that when I do eat too much, I kind of retain water. In fact, I can feel it in my fingers today.

People say you shouldn't weigh every day, but for me it is a help. I see the scale as a tool to help keep me on track. I'm not strictly limiting portions or counting calories anymore, and the scale tells me when I need to watch closer. For now anyway, I need to weigh everyday if I want to maintain my weight loss.

Well, I'm going to go get some lunch and then get back to work. Food today so far has been:

coffee with soy milk
smoothie (1 banana, small handful of walnuts, 2 dates, big handful of spinach, ice, and water--it was very good.)

For lunch I'm going to make Rhio's broccoli in cheddah sauce and dinner will be the leftovers daddy didn't make them eat last night. (I'm such a mean mom!)

Ciao for now.


Jen said...

yah, weighing yourself will just drive you nuts. and i NEVER count calories. instead i focus on how much fiber a food item has. i hear you on the braces thing. i have them at age 35, and am supposed to get them removed this spring. thanks so much for following my blog! how did you come across it?

Little Girl's Mom said...

I actually found your blog by accident. I think it was a link on another blog, but I don't remember which one. I liked it and found myself checking back so I decided to follow.

Thanks for commenting. It's nice to know people are out there.