Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Lunch

Yesterday's food (all vegan):
Breakfast Coffee w/ Soy Milk
Green Smoothie
Lunch Spinach & Nut Cheez Sandwich on Whole Wheat
1/2 of another sandwich on a Whole Wheat Pita
Snack Apple
Dinner Seitan, Spinach & Nut Cheez Sandwich on 1/2 a ww pita
1/2 a ww pita w/ Agave
Snack cup of Decaf w/ Soy Milk
2 Date Balls

Today (so far):
Breakfast: Cup of coffee w/ soy milk
Green Smoothie (used apple instead of banana--I will
definitely make it that way again. Very good!)
Lunch: Broccoli salad
1/2 a ww pita with Tahini

The Seitan that I made yesterday afternoon was very good. My hubby even ate some (of course he slathered his with nut cheez). It came out like a salami; the seasonings were even similar. Thanks, Post Punk Kitchen!

When I told kiddos what was for dinner, they both complained. I told them "fine, the food is on the counter, you put it together however you want." I was impressed--son had 1/2 a spinach and nut cheez pita, seitan by itself, and cauliflower; daughter had cauliflower, seitan, a pita, and tasted the nut cheez (she didn't want the spinach and that's OK because she did have cauliflower). And both put a big pile of margarine on their plates to dip use on the cauliflower. And of course both of them put agave on a piece of pita for desert (that's where I got the idea). Hubby did a plate of butter with some cauliflower, a piece of seitan with a gob of nut cheez, and a pita with tons of butter and agave.

So how do you get kids to eat decently when their daddy eats like crap? I can't seem to convince hubby that he needs to be an example for the kids. And his idea of cutting down is using 3 spoons of sugar in his coffee instead of 4 or using 2 TBSP of butter instead of 2.5. He just doesn't get it. He is on blood pressure meds, and diabetes meds, and is quite overweight. He is also of the attitude that doctors are there to take care of him so he doesn't need to take care of himself. Since he doesn't want to take care of himself for himself, I try to get him to do it for the kids. I also try to lead by example; if I am active and eating right and have good foods available, I think maybe he'll catch on. (He is a little due to the "laziness factor"; it's easier to eat what's already there than to have to make your own food.)

But then again, he didn't stop smoking until he had a bad health scare and decided that he'd rather be a live non-smoker than a dead smoker. I hope it doesn't take a scare to make him take care of himself--heart attacks and strokes don't always give you second chances.

Enough of the ranting. I saw a recipe for "oatmeal raisin muffins" on VeganDad's blog. I think I'll try them. I also have wheat sprouting for some dehydrator bread that I got a recipe for on

I haven't figured out what's for dinner yet, but I had better not worry about it now. I should get back to work.

Ciao for now.

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