Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Night

There's a picture of last night's dinner--Fat Free Vegan's BBQ Seitan Ribz, fried spuds & onions (with ketchup), and steamed carrots. It was really good. Hubby even ate the ribz! I was amazed! Son ate 2, and daughter ate 1/2 (so what's new with her, right?).
For a snack last night we went to Dairy Queen--the family got blizzards and I got a "star-kiss" (it's kind of like a popcicle--the only thing there that's vegan). I ate half my star-kiss and then put it back in freezer and got out some leftover cabbage salad and ate that instead. Yeah, I'm weird.
Today's Food:
breakfast-coffee and banana oatmeal (again, what's new, right?)
lunch-ribz sandwich (ribz, bbq sauce, veganaise, and spinach on ezekial bread) and spuds & onions
snack-a Starbucks soy green tea latte and some pumpkin seeds
dinner--miso soup and asparagus (we pronounce it "Asper-grass". That came from me--I'm still weird.)
Daughter got her valentines and her valentine box done today. We also got her B-day invitations done. She also had a birthday party to go to for a friend from girl scouts.
Both kids also got both of their instruments practiced. Son was a bit moody today. I have heard (from a gal that had both sons and daughters) that sons are just as moody as they get into their teen years as daughters are. I think he is there. I would have sworn he was approaching TOM if he'd have been a girl.
We went to Barnes & Noble last night and I got a new book--Empress. So far, it's really good.
Jeez! I re-read what I've written and realize that my life is really boring. I guess that's OK. Whenever something exciting happens, it's usually not exciting in a good way.
Well, I'm off.
Ciao for now.

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miss v said...

i don't think it's weird that you'd rather have cabbage salad than a star-kiss thing..... i think i'd choose the cabbage too!