Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm making muffins tonight

Daughter wants muffins for her school birthday treats tomorrow so we're making muffing tonight! The really cool thing is that her favorite type of muffins are "The Best Pumpkin Muffins" from Vegan with a Vengeance. Maybe not the healthiest of my vegan recipes, but it's a step in the right direction.
And speaking of that, the cake she wants for her party on Saturday is the "Devil's Food Cake" from vegcooking.com with the icing from the "Chocolate Devastation Cake" recipe--same website. That cake is my family's favorite. Hubby had it for his B-day, son had it for his B-day, we had it for Superbowl, and now daughter wants if for her B-day. My B-day is in 3 weeks, I'm going to have to find a different recipe for my cake (just to be different).
Yesterday's food:
coffee and banana oatmeal for breakfast
Miso soup and spinach salad and asparagus for lunch
apple and a piece of toast w/ very light pb&J for snack
broccoli and tofu/sweet potato scramble for dinner
2/3 of a serving of banana oatmeal for snack
Today's food so far:
coffee and the rest of the banana oatmeal for breakfast
green tea/soy milk latte for snack (home-made, not bought)
zuke/red bell pepper salad and Almond Butter & Jelly on Ezekiel for lunch
I'm going to make a green smoothie w/ apple, spinach, and almonds for a snack and I haven't figured out what for dinner--maybe ww pasta with stir fried zuke, pepper, onion, garlic, capers, and artichoke hearts over it. That's always good.
I talked to daughter's teacher today--daughter wasn't tested for GT and she was bummed so I just wanted to ask about it. Apparently daughter made the first cut but then wasn't selected to be tested. I then e-mailed the GT teacher to find out the details. I think daughter needs to be challenged-she's in third grade and reads 3+ grade levels above that, she started doing multiplication on her own in first grade, she plays 3 instruments, she used to bug her brother by looking over his shoulder and answering his homework problems before he did (he's 3 years older than her). She does let her social life and her emotions get in the way at school sometimes, but I do know that she needs to be challenged and that she is bright. I hope I hear back from the GT teacher soon. (Son was passed over for GT when he was first tested, too. The reason he was passed over, though, was because of his Aspergers--he couldn't do the testing in the time they wanted him too. His teacher and I were both upset--she had had him working on advanced stuff for several month's prior to the testing just to keep him from getting bored.)
Oh listen to me! I sound like a mom who thinks her kids are all that and bag of chips. No really, I'm not like that; I just know my kids. We were at the school orientation and talking with son's teacher this year and one of the other mothers butted in and started talking about her boy and how smart he was and all the extra stuff they did for him at his last school, and how he was so smart that he didn't even need to listen to the teacher, and on and on. Hubby and I rolled our eyes at each other and later I told him that if I ever got like that, he should slap me upside the head.
No, I think my kids' work and their personalities need to speak for themselves. I have told them a million times that if they work really hard and get a C, then I am even more proud of that C than I am of the A that they didn't have to do anything to get.
Well, I ought to get going and get something else done. Work is finally settling down, but there is still stuff to do. Then it'll be time to go get kiddos from school.
Ciao for now.

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