Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Check-in (work, food, family)

Yesterday's food:
coffee and banana oatmeal for breakfast
Bean-loaf sandwich and cabbage salad for lunch
an apple and an almond yogurt pop for snack
Golden Corral for dinner
1/2 a bowl of pb oatmeal for snack
We usually go out on Friday night. Hubby and kids wanted other things, but we finally settled on Golden Corral. I pretty much stuck to the salad bar--raw veggies w/ vinaigrette and some sunflower seeds. I did have 3 Brussels sprouts, 1/4 of a dry baked potato w/ cocktail sauce for dipping, and one bite of rice (I only had one bite because it tasted like it had been cooked in broth and I figured it was probably not veggie broth. For dessert, I put some chocolate sauce on the crushed peanuts. Good stuff. It wasn't great, but I had a lot of veggies and it was better than some of the other things the family suggested.
I meant to write yesterday, but I messed up big-time at work. Posted a whole payroll in the wrong period and ended up on the phone with tech support hoping there was a way to undo it in one shot like I had messed it up in one shot. No such luck. So I ended up having to void and re-do each one individually. I really should have paid better attention. I kept apologizing to the office manager and she was like "we all do it". And I'm fine with that as long as "we all" is more like "you all". I'm a lot harder on myself than I am on anyone else. Oh well, I got through it and got it all fixed. I only missed getting one thing done that needed to get done yesterday and it's on top of my to-do list for Monday.
After work, it was pick kids up from school, get my deposit ready for the bank, and take kids to lessons. Son is getting some pretty bad habits with his violin. His teacher wants me to help him out, but he doesn't practice as good when I try to help. (In fact, when he first started private lessons and his teacher was helping him with some stuff he asked me "Mom, why didn't you ever show me this?" And I was just stumped. "Uh, hello, I have been showing you, but you didn't think I knew what I was talking about.")
We got a guitar case for daughter's guitar. Up until now, she has been toting it around in the cardboard box it came in. I have been so afraid that sooner or later it would get hurt--the box is really getting ratty. I am wondering if she is going to play both trumpet and guitar or if she is going to drop the trumpet.
Anyway, then it was dinner, like I said above. Then to Fred Meyer to get a couple of things that Winco doesn't have. And then home to watch a movie--The Wild.
This morning we were lazy--I paid bills, the kids both practiced their piano, and then we got around to getting ready. We finally left the house around 11:30-ish. We grabbed a Subway (veggie delight flatbread with no cheese and oil & vinegar) then went to Shopko (hubby socks), Costco and Winco (groceries), Zurchers (party stuff for daughter's birthday party, and then we came home. The veggie sandwich didn't hold me over very good so after putting the groceries away, I had a piece of bean-loaf, a piece of whole-wheat bread, and an apple. Then I laid down for a while. Now I'm up and going again.
So today's food:
coffee and PB oatmeal for breakfast
veggie delight flatbread for lunch
bean-loaf, ww bread, apple for snack
dinner is going to be:
BBQ Seitan Ribz from fat free vegan's blog, steamed carrots, and fried spuds & Onions.
I keep trying to blog daily and I keep getting off track. It's kind of cathartic to keep a journal and I seem to do better with this one than a paper one, so I'll keep trying.
I think I'll go read for a while (kids are doing doggie duty in the yard) and then it'll probably be time to get started on dinner.
Ciao for now.

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