Thursday, December 4, 2008

Red Pepper Hummus and some frustrations

I just got done with lunch. (that's it up above) I wanted something good, so I had hummus, thin sliced diakon radish, and a piece of "winter wheat" bread. It was really good and quite filling. I ate earlier than usual so I hope I'm not starving by this afternoon.
Red Pepper Hummus:
1 red bell pepper
1/8 of an onion (approximately)
1 clove garlic
1 heaping tablespoon tahini
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 can drained chickpeas (save the liquid)
Salt to taste
chickpea liquid to get it to the right consistency
put everything in the Vita-Mix except the salt and liquid. Blend it using the tamper to get everything down and adding enough liquid to get to the right consistency. Taste and add salt if needed. Note--don't add the salt until after you add the liquid you need. The liquid off the chickpeas is sometimes salty enough that you don't need to add any more.
Now my frustration. Last night we went to the grocery store and tossed out over a hundred dollars. This morning my hubby tells me that he has a Christmas lunch at work and he forgot to get the stuff to make the 'fruit & cookie dessert' that he wanted to bring. He him-haws around saying he wonders if he has enough time to go to the ATM and then to the store before work so he could put it together at work. So I finally told him that I'd go to the store after I drop the kids at school and come home, make the dessert, and take it out to him.
Now here's where my frustrations lie! 1-he would have to take my card to hit the ATM so he'd have my card all day. 2-there's no money in my account because I hadn't gotten my check into it yet. YOU CAN'T JUST "GET MONEY" OUT OF THE ATM BECAUSE YOU WANT IT . THERE HAS TO BE MONEY IN THE ACCOUNT! 3-I end up having to make the stupid dessert that I don't even want to eat (it has buttermilk, whip cream, and chocolate covered cookies in it).
Well I did it. I have to save his backside sometimes because I have been known to have a stupid attack myself. And when I do, he saves my behind. Turn-about-fair-play, I guess.
The pup is getting spayed on Monday. Poor Little Girl.
Son got his spacers put it for his braces yesterday. And then he lost 2 of them overnight. The gal at the ortho office said that it wasn't a big deal; that if they came out while he was sleeping, then his teeth probably aren't jammed too closely together so it won't matter much. We are just supposed to go in next Tuesday and get them replaced so maybe they will have one day to work before he gets his braces on Wednesday. My guess is that if those fell out over night, the new ones will, too.
Well, back to work.
Ciao for now.

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